How do I order a Custom NE1 Website?
First, you register with OurChurch.Com @  Once you register, you will be directed to your online order form where you can place an order for and make payment for your Custom NE1website.  If you prefer to place your order over the phone, you can call our member support @ 727-723-2454.
What is the process after I order my Custom NE1 Website?
After your order is placed with, you will receive an email from an OurChurch.Com website designer, letting you know what information will be needed to create your custom website.  Included in the information that will be needed is the text and images for the three content pages.  A content page is a page that has no other function other than to provide information to the visitor. will set up three content pages in addition to all of the other pages/modules that are included.    An unlimited number of pages can be added after the website is up and running.
You will also be asked to select template for your website.  Included with your Custom NE1website, our designer will create a custom Flashheader for your site, but will need to know which of the 140+ templates to use when building your custom Flashheader.  
Did I read that a custom Flash header is included? 
Yes.  Included in your custom NE1 website is a Flashheader, created specifically for your website.  Flash™ is a technology that has increased the popularity of adding animation and interactivity to web pages. The Flash™ header that OCC will create can include the name of your organization, a logo you provide, and up to four other elements (text or images). You have a list of options to choose from on how you want the text and images to enter and exit the header. Included in the custom header graphic is a phone consultation with a designer and one set of revisions. The custom header graphic will be the same size of the header included in the NE1™ template.
The design for this sample site was created using one of the 140+ existing templates, then modified to include a custom Flashheader.  The following customizations were implemented:
  • A Logo that flies in from the right to the left-hand side
  • The Organization's Name which appears with multiple effects
  • A Slogan which slowly fades in on the right-hand side above the cross
  • 2 Stock Photos controlled by various animation effects
  • Another text element “Building Relationships with Christ, Family, and Friends” that appears and disappears using special animation
  • 1 Textured Background Image
  • The normal cost for a custom Flash™ header is $249! (that's just for the header)!

This is what the header looked like before custom flash design...


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