The NE1TM Web Builder is equipped with the tools necessary to sell items directly from your website. While eCommerce is very common activity these days, it can be confusing and discouraging for some webmasters.  The Shop module included in NE1TM makes selling items from your website simple.  There are many methods for setting up a shopping cart and a payment system.  As a result, has chosen some of the most commonly used attributes for an online shop and included them in a very user-friendly interface.  It even includes a simplified connection to PayPal, the most popular company for processing online payments.

Sample Item #1
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This is an example of an item that you could include in your online store. Adding and editing product descriptions is made easy with your custom NE1 website.

This is where you can place your online description of the items for sale.
Normally an "Add to Cart" button would appear here. For security reasons it has been deleted.

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