One of the more popular features of the NE1TM Web Builder is the Gallery Module. This module enables you to insert a full featured photo gallery with just a few mouse clicks. Pictures can include comments and can be automatically resized when you upload them for a perfect fit.

Each gallery can contain many pictures (we haven't run into a limit yet:). A gallery page will display up to 12 thumbnails (small version of a picture) per page. If you have more than 12 pictures in the gallery, the gallery will create new pages for the additional pictures with 12 pictures per page.  When a visitor clicks on a thumbnail, a new window will open and display the picture in its full size.

The gallery module also includes a "Slideshow" feature which allows visitors to view all the pictures in a gallery one after the next in their full size. The slideshow is automatically created when you create a gallery and add pictures to it.  



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